Photographing the Architecture of LIFT Restaurant

This was just a day of firsts. I had never really done food photography or architecture photography, and here I was doing both in one day. LIFT Restaurant in Jackson Hole, Wyoming was very kind to let us come and take pictures all over their restaurant and of their food. The restaurant is located a the bottom of the ski hill, hence the name LIFT. It is a place to eat, drink, gather and, in our case, take lots of pictures. (Although we did get to eat the food after we took pictures and it was amazing). The restaurant has a very unique and fun vibe to it that is showcased in it architecture and design.






Because there were customers in the restaurant, I was a bit hesitant to use speed lights, so I took all of these with the natural light. I hope to do more architectural photography when I can use lights. Check out Douglas Phan‘s incredible photography from when he used lights to shoot this same restaurant.

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