This sticker set, created by Devina Jain, aims to highlight different cities in the United States. It uses many different design techniques to have them represent the individual cities while still looking like a set.


Especially the oxblood color in this set is a repeating factor. By using a similar color in each of the stickers it makes them look like they go together.

They don’t have the exact same color scheme however. The Detroit sticker for example has more of a triad color scene where the Seattle sticker is more of an analogous color scheme. I used to focus on one of the main colors and then adjusting it until it more or less matched the color scheme.

Repeating Elements

This sticker set uses repeating elements to make them go together. For example, each of the stickers has either stars or snow falling in the sky.

Each of the stickers also shows buildings that are iconic to their cities, such as the Seattle Space Needle. Detroit then has a road at the bottom to represent their automobile industry and Boston has a ocean at the bottom to show that it is a port city.

The edge of every sticker is a classic shape that is broken by one of the elements in the sticker. Detroit and Seattle both have a building or clouds breaking the boarder and Detroit and Boston both have their banners breaking the edge. For consistency, it may have been better to have the buildings of Boston closer so that they would break the barrier naturally as well and have the title of Seattle on more of a banner with tails as well.

The boarder around the Seattle sticker breaks the mold by being white. The sticker itself uses a lot more of the oxblood color so that might be why that choice was made but it does stand out, especially since it has a high contract to the rest of the sticker. The stroke also looks like it is thinner. That makes it more distracting I think.


The stickers all use typography to name the place being represented. The text is contained in either a box or a banner of some kind. The name of the city is the largest and the state is listed below in a smaller font.


It has some elements that they may want to work on to make them more consistent. But overall I think that this sticker set is really fun. It uses bright colors and uses a fairly consistent theme and individually they are really strong.

City Stickers

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