Approach the Shoot with the Goal of Creating Extraordinary Shots in Ordinary Spots

Angle makes all the difference. If you approach a shoot from the same angle and with the same ideas every time you will always get the same results.


From standing height, straight on, these flowers are beautiful, but there is nothing extraordinary about them. Since my last couple of projects were so dark with black backgrounds, I wanted to create something light and soft. I did this by getting down and shooting into the sun through the petals.


For this image I actually zoomed in, through a couple of other flowers to give it that slightly blurred, watercolor effect. It also makes a great background for adding typography.




After getting comfortable with getting low, it is good to change the angle again and get up high if possible. Doing that for these shots gave a unique spin on how we normally view tulips.



Naomi Sweet in her kitchen and Kayla Taculog among the granaries of Idaho have each done an incredible job of creating extraordinary shots in ordinary spots.

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