For this project I used a Willow Tree figurine to create an advertisement for Deseret Book, a book store that often sells these figurines. I directed the figure toward my Alien Bee 800 to have the light fall on her face.

This original advertisement could be used for social media or modified to work for a variety of locations such as billboards and bus stop advertisements as shown below, as well as for magazine advertisements.


In Photoshop, I used the stamp tool to fix the pieces that went past my pasteboard background. I may need to invest in a bigger poster board so that doesn’t take so much time.

I then added the text “Seek Ye Light” and the Deseret Book text logo.


For this Mockup I was able to use the original design pretty much exactly the same. I ended up cropping of park of the figurine and I lowered the text to accommodate the thiner space of the billboard.


This ad was altered even more to fit the Profile layout. It actually is my favorite though.

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