Today I was walking through Walmart looking for inspiration. At first though, all I got was hungry. Growing up my dad would make amazing pastrami bagel sandwiches. So while passing the bagels while hungry, of course I started to crave them.

Now a poor college student can’t always justify buying all the ingredients necessary to make these awesome sandwiches. Most days it is fairly limited to the stables of canned soup, rice and chicken, and the college classic, ramen noodles. Today however, was not that day. Why not make really good food and justify it by taking pictures of it?

Sounds good to me. Thus…. todays project.


While going through Walmart as well, I also found this awesome board of wood slates. It isn’t quite as bit as I would like, and I am thinking about making a couple of my own that are a little bigger, but it did add some fun diversity to my indoor shoots.


Usually by the time I can get to shooting for my 24 day project, the sun is already down. School and work can be kind of killer that way. But I am super grateful to have some studio lighting that still makes it work.

For my set up today, I had my Alien B800, reflector (my camera tripod to hold it up), black poster board (sticky tack to put it up), and my new wood board to make the base.



For this image, I threw the Dr Pepper in there to give me options if my first idea of the recipe magazine layout didn’t work.



After editing the image in Photoshop, I pulled it into illustrator to add some fun interactive design elements, a title, and recipe instructions.



I have never done food photography in black and white. I wasn’t really sure if it would even be appetizing. Usually it is the amazing colors that add to the appeal of these images. I think it worked pretty good in this case, but I did end up balancing out the black and white with a colored image and text as well.


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