Apparently when I start to run out of ideas, I start going down memory lane for inspiration. That and go to awesome seminars like Power2Become. Yep, totally did that tonight. It was awesome.

But I digress. “Among the Hidden” is the first in the Margaret Peterson Haddix’s Shadow Children series. These books were gold for me as a kid. They taught me a lot about examining the world and standing up for what was right even if it was hard. It also taught me a lot about looking out and helping others.

I would literally jump out of my seat if these books were made into movies. I am really sorry to any other fans who came to this site thinking that they were finally going to do it. To my knowledge, that is not the case, yet, one day I hope.

Anyways, today for my 24 day project, I created a movie poster for the first book, “Among the Hidden.”



So this is not the original image. To prepare the image I took out all the logos on his clothing and lightened up his eyes.



I took the face and overlaid it on these picture I took in the woods. His eye lands right above a sun burst coming through the clouds so that it is the lightest point.


Alexis-Moser-Among-the-hidden-Outdoor Mockup Template 07

Billboard mockup of the poster.

Poster as it would be seen more in the movie theater itself.

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