For those of you who haven’t seen the movie or read the book, one of the plot elements of The Giver is that everyone sees in black and white but can start seeing color again. I am not going to say anymore than that for those of you who haven’t read or seen it.


This plot element is perfect to finish off my 24 day challenge to create a new photography and photoshop based project in black and white each day for 24 days. It has been such a great learning opportunity, as well as a challenge. As I have tried to come up with new ideas, especially towards the end, it was remarkable how many of them needed color. Now I did cheat a little by adding some elements of color, but for the most part, at least most of the photography was all in black and white.

For tonight’s project, I took pictures of my brother, who is a saint and often acts as my model. He is kind of used to this from growing up with my mom, who is also a photographer. He is a champ, and also happens to look a lot like the actor in the movie, which is handy.


Alexis-Moser-Original-Main_0056     Alexis-Moser-Collar-Original_0066 

I used the picture of him with the white shirt for his face and for the main body of the poster. The picture of him with the navy jacket was used to add in a collar.


One of the first steps after doing basic edits for this project, was to figure out how to do the stripe of color. Julieanne Kost had a great video that showed me how to paste shapes into the masking layer, something I have been trying to figure out on my own for a while now. It pays off to do a quick Google search.


To accomplish this, if you don’t want to watch the video, is to select the mask and then hold Alt or Option while selecting it again. This will pull up a white screen that is the mask layer. To get out, you just have to click off of the white or choose one of the other layers. While in this layer, you can add the shape you wanted.


At first I was playing with the idea of a triangle instead of the stripe used in the actual posters. After adding it however, it looked a little bit like KISS the hair band, which wasn’t quite the vide I was going for. I decided to change back to the stipe used in the original posters.



This is the image after I added the stipe of color. I did like the look of the white shirt in this image, but I liked the lighting on his face. Also it was a small miracle to get his eyes open for any picture.

Removed White Shirt

I removed the shirt, but then it just looked awkward. It really need a collar to make it normal looking. I debated just making one, but that was going to take forever, and I had taken some other pictures tonight where he was wearing my coat to have a dark collar.

Adding Left Collar

The left side was by far the worst, so I added that side using the other picture. I just used the masking tool to erase the rest after I had placed the collar where it needed to go. To place the image, I just lower the opacity to see both layers.

Adding Right Collar

Using the same picture, just pulled over and with other parts masked out, I added the other collar. The final result made a big difference. The white shirt just wasn’t right, but this helped me save the majority of the image that I liked best. Definitely one of the benefits of studio lighting.


Typogrpahy Red

I expanded the image out using the crop and clone stamp tools. I then added the typography using Century Gothic. I started with Futura, but it only had medium (no regular or bold). I wanted to increase the size of the ‘V” without having the weight be significant more than the rest of the word. By using Century Gothic, I was able to put the rest of the word in bold while the “V” was regular.

Typography Red Poster

With the red typography, the picture just seemed a little orange even when I dropped the saturation quite a bit. I changed the color hue as well, but it still wasn’t looking the way I wanted it to.

Typogrpahy Black

I changed the type to black and it felt more balanced with the rest of the image. It also make the colored stripe look better in my opinion. I asked a friend what they thought, and they felt the same way. I also decided to capitalize all of the word “THE” after I had already posted this.



I am really happy with how this turned out. It defiantly was a good note to end out on.


Alexis-Moser-The-Giver-Movie-Poser-Outdoor Mockup Template 07

And what would it be without one of the mockups that I have learned to used during this challenge.

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