I don’t often do anything with weddings but I am willing to make the exception for a wonderful first look of two of my dear friends. I got to watch first hand as these two wonderful people started to fall in love.


I arrived at Twin Bridges Park in Madison County with Kye. We were surprised by the number of early campers for April. It was going to make it a little tighter to get the shots that we wanted. We found a fairly open part of the campground, away from the majority of the trailers and campers.



Emily was all smiles, while Kye was trying hard not to cry in anticipation of seeing his beautiful bride. He kept asking if she was behind him yet as he struggled not to turn around.



Nothing can take the place of the pure excitement and joy these two had at their first look. He could hear her approaching behind him and could hardly wait.


One thing I do love about shooting engagements and bridals is the true emotion that you cannot imitate or recreate. Even the most candid of shots are full of their personality and love for one another. They really are a match made in heaven.


There was a pretty good breeze going so we decided to help it along to get this shot. The videographer was kind enough to move the veil up and down in front of the couple as I shot continuously. I initally was going for a shot through the veil like I did with bridal photos I did previously. This time however, it was very overcast and I was unabable to get the shot with the rim light. This picture with the veil creating a window ended up being the winner for me.


Past experience can help give us ideas for what we want, but we need to be flexiable and adaptiable to get the best shot within the circumstances of the moment. If I was so obsessed with getting that one shot, despite the lack of sunlight, I could probably have gotten one fairly similar, but how many shot would I have missed out on?

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