Landscape Photography in the Grand Tetons

To me there is hardly anything more beautiful that the Grand Tetons that I can see from my backyard. These majestic mountains divide Idaho and Wyoming and are stunning from either direction. These pictures were taken from the Wyoming side of the mountains, in the Grand Teton National Park and Elk Refuge.


That day there were clouds covering the mountains but the wind would part them enough to show bits and pieces. Although I was a bit disappointed at first since we had woken up so early to get the alpine glow on the mountains, I found that the clouds provided an interesting landscape that was always changing. To me this added to the mystery and beauty of these peaks and made for beautiful pictures as well as making me want to play the soundtrack to “The Hobbit” not going to lie.

Grand Tetons Coming Out of the Clouds

Nikon D3400, 26mm, 1/100, f/10, above Schwabacher Landing, WY from a moving van.

I took this picture after we came up from Schwabacher Landing, were we couldn’t see the mountains hardly at all. Here we finally could see most of the mountain so I shot a quick picture even though we were in a moving vehicle. It paid off and luckily we weren’t moving that fast. The clouds help simplify the landscape and provide an element of ambiguity to these heaven reaching peaks.

Sun Beams coming down through the clouds

Nikon D3400, 75mm, 1/400, f/5, above Mormon Row.

Mountain reflecting into String Lake

Nikon D3400, Slik SBH-150 DQ Tripod, ICE Neutral Density Filter, 18mm, 15″, f/16, String Lake, Grand Teton National Forest.

This lake is so beautiful and clear. With the ICE neutral density filter, I was able to keep my shutter open for a really long time to get the movement of the clouds in this picture without having it blown out.

Winding creek leading to the mountain

To see more amazing misty mountain photography, check out Steven Weaver and Emily Johnson‘s incredible work.

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