For this project I wanted to create a gig poster for an alternative rock/pop punk band for my brother. He loves to listen to 21 Pilots, Panic at the Disco, Rhett and Link, Skillet, and other music like that. To be a gig poster it needed to include a date, time, place, and name of the band incorporated into the design.


Before getting into Illustrator, I made several sketches. Since I was making in for my brother I asked him to give me a list of words to use to draft ideas. From that I eventually derived the idea to have a snow-machine (snowmobile) flying through the sky E.T. style. I wanted to include the Teton Mountains and have planets and the Northen Lights.


Once I had my idea I started looking for references. I looked for pictures of the Tetons and Snowmobiles.


After putting together most of the first sketch, I really didn’t like the way it was coming together. It seemed very childish and I was struggling to simplify the snow-machine while keeping it looking like a snow-machine.

So I switched to his other winter love, snowboarding. So I had to go back to looking for references.




I liked where this was going a lot better. I also changed the mountains to be more geometric to match the style of music better.

I then added more details to the clothes by using shadows.


Although I liked the elements that I had created. It still felt like something was off. I asked some friends and they had a few different ideas of having him snowboard on the milky way or to make music lines to have him snowboard on. Another friend recommended playing more with the font and someone else was kind enough to let me know that I had misspelled Arctic. When I brought it to one of my mentors, Cory Kerr, he said that I needed to fix the color and layout. Critics help us to see what it was missing.

These were of me trying to fix the font to curve and see which title looked best.


Using I created a compound color swath to use. This made a huge difference.


To fix this I actually shrunk my person and grew the mountain. This made things line up more. I also put the snowboard at an angle and everything else as well to increase the motion.

Font use: Futura medium.

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