I had an awesome shoot at Payne Athletic Company. It is a gym that teaches a variety of classes, including Krav Maga. My model, Erika, is one of their students. One of my roommates came as an assistant and my mom, a photographer herself, came to participate as well.



We went to the gym at night when no one was using it so we had full access to the boxing ring, all the punching bags, and the lights. We turned off the florescent lights and used two 800 Alien Bees and one 1200 White Lightning set to manual. We then used our speed lights to set them off.


These images would be for a social media campaign as well as website images. Erika is an incredible example of being powerful and strong in her own way.

This campaign would be aimed towards other women and girls who would want to push themselves to be stronger as well as gain confidence and courage. Krav Maga is a military self-defense and fighting system. It can be very empowering for women to know how to defend themselves as well as protect others.






———- Revised Project, November 5, 2018 ———-

I have since revised this project: I AM A CHAMPION: ERIKA’S STORY.

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