I can’t believe it is day 21 of 24 Days in Black and White. It has been quite a journey and I have grown so much. I am definitely feeling the importance of a good day zero to brainstorm out lots of ideas before beginning the challenge.

That being said, I was finally able to do one of original ideas, and create a textbook cover for welding. Today is really a homage to my brother who is a welding engineer major. He has fun teaching me AutoCAD and I teach him Illustrator.



I used pictures I took of him welding to create a cover for a welding textbook. Most of his books look like they were designed in the 80s and haven’t been improved upon since.



For the spine, I use a the key element of the front cover (the sparks) to wrap the concept around. I changed the fonts to all Helvetica Neue (Bold and Regular) since the Birch Std wasn’t giving it the look I wanted.



For the text box I just used filler. I try to listen to what my brother tells me but I do not have the credentials to write that by any means. One day I want to learn, but tonight there wasn’t quite enough time.


Alexis-Moser-Welding-Textbook-Hardcover Book MockUp

The Mockup form I used was created by Graphic Burger.

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