Elevate Food Photography from LIFT Restaurant in Jackson Hole

I had the amazing opportunity to shoot these pictures on the canopy covered roof of LIFT Restaurant in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Not only was the food delicious but the staff was super helpful for this shoot. It was one of my first experiences taking food photography and it was a great learning experience for me. We were using a variety of lighting styles from continuous LED lights to speed lights as well as natural light.





This loaded potato was considered one of their appetizers. It looks really filling to me though, so that could be a great option for a lighter meal. The original image had part of red napkin and a couple of forks behind it but I didn’t have a lot of time to mask it out and have it still really look good. So I cropped in quite a bit, which also helps bring the focus into the food, and then used the paint brush tool and color dropper to paint in the corners. I then used the paint brush low on the multiply setting to darken the edges so it looks like the plate continues. This helps simplify the image and keeps the food as the star of the image. This is a simple way to elevate food photography.





We started out taking most of the pictures on the tables. I wanted to try something a bit different so I took this burger and set it on one of the wire chairs that we there on the roof. The back of the chair and the stone fireplace behind it, became my new background.


This picture was actually taken as we were splitting up the salad and the salmon so that we could try more of the dishes. You never know what will be a photo opportunity. Changing angles, locations, or interacting with the food can all elevate food photography and create more dynamic and intreating shots.


This salmon was a delicious as it looks and I am normally not one to go for the fish. After taking pictures of it though I didn’t really have a choice.





My model for this shot is Emilee Wright, a fantastic friend and fellow photographer. For more fantastic food photography from this shoot, check out Emilee Wright‘s incredible food photography or for more ideas read this article to learn about Dark and Moody Food Photography.

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