Capturing the “Only Good Part of Spring”

According to my brother, there is nothing good about spring. However he is a little biased since he loves snowboarding and snowmobiling in the winter, fishing and camping in the summer, and running and eating out of the garden in the fall. When I brought up the beautiful flowers of spring he said that is what everyone says because they are trying to find a reason not to hate spring. To each their own. I do love all of those other things, but I also do love the spring showers and the flower and blooms of spring.

I took all of these durning my lunch break, and I was really glad I did, because right after that we had a bunch of storms that knocked a lot of them down.


Lilac Beginning to Bloom


Dandelion Head in Seed


Strawberry Blossoms


Tulip with Feathered Edges

For more of my tulip pictures check out my “CREATING EXTRAORDINARY SHOTS IN ORDINARY SPOTS” post. Click here for or part two of “FLOWERS AND BLOOMS OF SPRING.” Check out this post for more beautiful bloom photography about The Best Flowering Trees in the Spring in North Carolina.

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