Vintage Bicycle Photography at Dusk

I have an old Schwinn bicycle that I got from my grandparents house before they past away. It is really rusted and is even missing a handle grip but it has a really cool little “gas can.” For the longest time I wanted to restore it so that I could ride it again, but I think I have found a better use for it in its beautiful rusted state. I decided that I wanted to take it out on a photoshoot out to Egin, Idaho.

So I loaded it up into the trunk of my little Toyota Corolla (yes that was quite an adventure). As a photographer I am often pulled over to the side of the road in random locations to get a shot and it is rare if no one stops to help me. This trip was no exception and I had a couple of people stop to see if I was broken down, which says a lot about the people in Idaho, as well as the state of my car.



In the picture above and below, I started loosing the light, so I set up a tripod and dropped my shutter speed to 1/13 to 1/8. I also opened up my depth of field as much as I could so I could keep my iso down to 1600 (which is still higher than I like).

This is a situation where using a little auxiliary lighting could have been used to keep both the sky and the bike exposed to create an epic shot such as in my “MOUNTAIN BACKDROPS” post. However, I also like the monochromatic feel of these shots since it seems to transport you thought time with it’s old-fashion-feel. Either way, it is important to rock whichever look you go for.






For more awesome vintage bicycle photography, check out this list of “10 Stunning Vintage Bicycle Photos You’ll Love.” I especially love number 6.

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